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Now For Some Pure NGHTMRE, New VIP Remix of The Chainsmokers Collab "Save Yourself"

It was only a matter of time until we received a pure version. Before we bounce off for the holidays, we are checking out NGHTMRE’s new VIP Remix of “Save Yourself”, his collaboration with The Chainsmokers. NGHTMRE has been rather forceful and busy in 2017, with this easily flowing into 2018 With at least four major releases so far, including “Another Dimension” with Dillon Francis and “Save Yourself” with The Chainsmokers, NGHTMRE continues to pummel was until we submit to his music. On top of everything, it is about time he kicked off a new tour, pushing hard throughout 2018. 2018 has already been a monumental year for NGHTMRE, so we can only dream of what 2019 will hold.
While the original version of “Save Yourself” was a rather unique melting pot of two very distinct musical styles, this VIP remix is pure NGHTMRE. On one end of the spectrum, the original featured melodic vocal work to support NGHTMRE’s pure dub work. On the very opposite end, NGHTMRE’s VIP remix warps those once pleasant vocals and hit hards with percussion and synth work until you are completely serrated.  The track has been molded into a drastically different tone, almost showcasing the image of a teenager headbanging and lashing out. That ferocity that has appeared with just a tweak in tone is amazing.
Make sure you check out NGHTMRE’s VIP Remix you can find it on Spotify below!

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