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Eptic Drops the Brand New Powerful “Flesh & Blood” EP!

When you have this amount of “Power” in your arsenal, it could definitely be the time to use it, (Yes, we are also retiring these word games). Taking a moment to stop off over at Monstercat, we finally are checking out Eptic’s newest release his Flesh & Blood EP. Making is initial debut back in 2014 with his Like a Boss EP, Eptic made it known that he was here to stay after aforementioned EP topped Beatport’s dubstep charts for seven consecutive weeks. Since then, Eptic has released multiple successful originals and mixes adjoined with the Never Say Die and Spinnin’ rosters such as the heavy “Southside” with DJ Snake. While Eptic just debuted on Monstercat in early August with “Let It Go”, a collab with Dillon Francis, he may have found his next semi-permanent home.

“I’m excited and proud to present this new ep to you all. The whole thing has been in the works for almost a year, and it’s the most blood, sweat, and tears I’ve ever put into the musical and visual aspect of a project. I’ve field-tested all of these songs out during my shows and made so many adjustments over time to make sure everything bangs in a live setting. There are a whole lot more new music and unexpected collaborations coming, paired with a brand new merch line as well. This is the most excited I’ve been in my career so far, and I hope you are too.” – Eptic

Alright everyone, move out of the way and give room for this modern bass maestro. This brand new EP is definitely one to showcase Eptic’s range and skills with audible aesthetics, easily creating a fragmented yet intriguing soundscape for these tracks to exist in. While we already heard both “Power” and “Let It Go” through previous promotional teases, they are low in comparison to our favorite track on the EP “Violence”. Eptic uses distorted sound bytes from a news anchor report to create this initial illusion, only to be thrown into pure chaos with Eptic’s mechanical effects combined with futuristic laser sounds. “Violence” is the right amount of chaos we need in our music, and Eptic willingly satisfies that urge. Make sure you check out the rest of the Flesh & Blood EP as well as keep an eye for Eptic’s live performances near you.

Make sure you check out the Flesh & Blood EP on Spotify below!

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