Become a Cityzen While You Can, It’s Time to Play “Rock Paper Scissors”


The more tracks this artist drops, the more intrigued we are about who is behind the mask. Our first stop off on this weekend trek, we are sliding by CYB3RPVNK for another brand new Cityzen track “Rock Paper Scissors”. A brand new project coming from the minds behind the CYB3RPVNK movement, Cityzen is a time-manipulating enigma that can exist in both the past and the future without any clear reason why. Cityzen is definitely a peculiar project, as his affinity for the color red when paired with his unique glasses create a rather odd image. However, Cityzen’s drive to blend futuristic beats and classic underground sounds will only further cloud his image and style.

Cityzen is finally making a name for himself, thriving in the future bass scene decked out in his all-red attire. Taking a step back from the future bass scene for just a tad to showcase his production skills across other genres. The latest track, “Rock Paper Scissors”, gives Cityzen his electric playground to ebb and flow between the g-house and electro genres. Cityzen is all about creating dirty dancefloor grooves and “Rock Paper Scissors” definitely fits in with his current style and mantra.¬† In any need of a new sonic sound that will keep you bumping into the night? Become a Cityzen while you still can, this is a movement you have to get behind.

Make sure you check out “Rock Paper Scissors” on Spotify below or on YouTube!

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