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Platinum-Selling Sam Feldt Puts A House-Centric Spin of R3HAB’s Summer Hit “Rock My Body” with INNA and Sash!

Even though we’re adamant mainstays of R3HAB’s extensive catalog, we’re still down for another fan favorite to take the reins for a bit. On our latest visit to Spinnin’ Records we are checking out “Rock My Body (Sam Feldt Remix)”, the latest drop from Sam Feldt. Over the past eight years, Sam Feldt has become a highly sought-after electronic artist known for his acclaimed releases, collaborations, and live performances on major stages worldwide. Starting with his 2014 remake of “Show Me Love,” he has steadily built the Sam Feldt brand, now encompassing Heartfeldt Records, Publishing, Radio, and Events. His notable hit songs include “Post Malone” (2019) featuring RANI, and he has collaborated with artists like Kesha and Rita Ora. In 2022, he released multiple singles and remixes, showcasing his musical evolution and rising prominence in the mainstream pop scene.

Dutch maestro Sam Feldt breathes new life into R3HAB’s recent chart-topper “Rock My Body,” a collaboration featuring the talents of INNA and SASH!. Since its initial drop in April, the original track has surged past the 60 million stream mark across diverse platforms, solidifying its status as a global sensation with over 200 million radio impressions resonating worldwide. Feldt’s transformative remix takes the helm, steering the sonic journey toward uncharted territories.

Injecting his signature flair, Feldt ventures into a house-infused realm, amplifying the energy with a progressive crescendo that seamlessly entwines with infectious vocals, creating an irresistible allure. The track’s climax culminates in a vibrant drop, anchored by a resonant and dynamic bassline that surges through the sonic landscape like a pulsating heartbeat. Feldt’s remix of “Rock My Body” exudes an air of electrifying anticipation, making it a magnetic contender for commanding festival stages or igniting the fervor of after-party revelers. An intriguing twist comes to the forefront as Feldt, known for his euphonic soundscapes, subtly traverses into darker sonic realms, showcasing his artistic versatility and propensity for sonic experimentation.

This innovative remix from Sam Feldt follows in the wake of R3HAB’s own VIP Remix, a collaborative effort with W&W that premiered on August 11th.

Make sure you check out “Rock My Body (Sam Feldt Remix)” on Spotify below!

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