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Montreal Producer Fonkynson Teases New Album With Future Bass Single “Falling”

With improvements in the music production process and continued evolution of electronic music, anyone can make a danceable club track. However, you have to be skilled to all make it introspective at the same time. Taking a break from the norm, we headed over to Lisbon Lux Records for “Falling” a brand new track from the producer Fonkynson. Hailing from our neighbors in the great white north, Fonkynson has been growing in the modern future bass scene and cultivating a grassroots audience. Originally falling in love with classics like Jimi Hendrix and Rolling Stones, Fonkynson soon discovered the world of house music and dove in headfirst. Finding moderate success with his first EP back in 2008, Fonkynson continues to walk the path many have strolled down before him.

Since that first drop in 2008, Fonkynson continues to grow with each new release. Now with multiple successful EPs,  plenty of singles under his belt and his first album #Followme back in 2016, Fonkynson has garnered over 2 million online streams! Hard at work in production on his 2nd studio album, “Falling” is just a sample of what he has in store next. The track feels soft and warm, almost inviting you to connect, sit back, and take a look inside yourself. At the same time, if you don’t want to take that moment you can easily lose yourself on the dancefloor to Fonkynson’s future bass sounds and uplifting melodies. To put on the cherry top, we have already caught ourselves singing “In your desire”, the vocal hook from “Falling”, out loud multiple times. Fonkynson, you hooked us. We can’t wait for you 2nd album.

Makes sure you check out “Falling” on Spotify below and on Soundcloud!

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