Wave Break Releases New Alt-Rock Single “Stop The Car”, Take Control of Your Life!

Moving forward as a single act in hard, but if you have the momentum to keep going you aim for success. On our latest peek into the indie world we are checking out “Stop the Car”, the latest single from Wave Break. Originally created as an alt-rock back to primed to leave their mark on the alt-rock world, Wave Break began their tumultuous evolution into their current form. Wave Break took its current form back in 2018 when dedicated front-woman Kelly Barber was the only member remaining in the band, but she was prepared to introduce her sound to the world. Wave Break released its debut EP “Armory” in late 2018, gaining support from the likes of idobi Radio and New Noise Magazine as well as their growing fan base. They have even been able to perform alongside the likes of Boys of Fall, Secrets, and Kulick, extending their reach further. Now after the last few years of growth, Wave Break is just about to bring new music to the masses with their sophomore EP, being released this fall.

Kelly Barber is a prime example of tenacity and having the drive to make a project work. With being the only remaining member of Wave Break, Kelly continues to prove that you can be a solo artist working under a band name and not have to worry about perception or not receiving the support that they deserve. This time we are checking out “Stop the Car”, the latest addition to the Wave Break catalog, or another alt-rock smash that is clearly becoming the new sound of Wave Break. The single explores concepts of personal growth, taking control of your life, getting off your pre-destined path, and make necessary changes to elevate your life and relationships. Through the vehicle that is this alternative rock meets pop-punk sound, Kelly showcases her growth as an artist in these new circumstances that she finds herself in.  This new wave of alternative rock is opening more and more doors for bands like Wave Break to regain their legs and run wild.

Make sure to check out the music video for “Stop The Car” on YouTube below or over on Spotify!

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