Victorian Indie-Pop Duo 12XPretty Tease Upcoming Album W/ “Caliphornia” + Music Video

Photo Credit: Aaron Aubrey @aaronaubrey

Music is an ever-evolving beast of creativity and talent, you never know where you’ll land on the genre spectrum. This time we are heading up to Victoria, BC for “Caliphornia”, a brand new drop from the indie-pop duo 12XPretty. Split between two spheres of influence between Victoria and Los Angeles, 12XPretty became quite the cocktail of modern music influences. Consisting of vocalist Remy Remy and talented multi-instrumentalist Danny Import, this duo originally planned for 12XPretty to be their next hip-hop project. As they continued to dive down the rabbit hole, they found that they quickly skewed into the indie-pop world. Hip-hop versions of their songs are still out there in the ether though, so maybe a surprise drop could be in the works.

“The music is intended for the sleepwalkers yearning to wake up. Not unlike ourselves, who are simultaneously participating in the modern climate while exposing the depravity of it all.” – Remy Remy

A dose of bubblegum cyanide injected directly into the Top 40, 12XPretty will no doubt shake up the charts as we know it.  12XPretty’s latest drop “Caliphornia” is the first taste of the duo’s upcoming self-titled album, which finished recording in BC at Electric City Sound. “Caliphornia” takes us on a multi-faceted thrill ride into the world of surreal, into a sci-fi future straight out of blade runner.  Remy Remy’s vocal performance penetrates through said layers, piercing through the veil with sultry lyrics of crisis and a pinch of darkness. Our favorite! For two performers originally intended to co-exist in the hip-hop world, this electric bungalow is definitely more your style. Keep on the look out for 12XPretty’s new album, officially dropping 2/21/2020/

Make sure you check out the music video for “Caliphornia” below or just the audio on Spotify and SoundCloud!

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Photo Credit: Aaron Aubrey @aaronaubrey

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