Vancouver Contemporary Pop Artist Mathew V Releases 4th Single “Healing” From “The Outer Circle” EP

Fragility and the ability for deep introspection are beautiful traits to have as a musician. On our latest peek into the indie world we are checking out “Healing”, the latest single from Mathew V. While his love for music began to form much earlier in life, it wasn’t until Mathew moved to London when he was 17 that his professional sound would start to formulate. Once in London, Mathew discovered the perfect niche for him where he could combine his 10 years of traditional classical vocal training in a more contemporary and independent world. Once he returned to Canada, Mathew joined into the fray of Canada’s indie music scene with his debut single “Tell Me Smooth” which broke the Top 40 charts for 18 weeks. Since then Mathew has dropped two full albums The Fifth in 2018 and Two Faced in 2020, charting in both Canada and the United States while racking up over 25 million total catalog plays.

If I could only take one song with me from my entire catalogue, it would be Healing. I have worked on this song for the last few years, constantly changing the lyrics. It has had a few different titles and themes, but when it finally landed here, I knew that it was right. I worked on this song with my good friend and amazing artist Luca Fogale who helped make this song exactly how I had envisioned. It’s about the trials and tribulations that come with growth, recovery, and healing. The journey may not be linear, but that doesn’t mean that progress isn’t being made.” – Mathew V

After receiving plenty of success since his debut, Mathew V is back again with a brand new single to wrap up his latest project. “Healing” is the fourth single from Mathew’s latest The Outer Circle EP, which serves as a re-introduction of Mathew V to the masses. The entire project allows a more raw and intimate look into Mathew’s songwriting process, essentially an introspection of moments/milestones along the path of evolving into the artist he is today. An easy stand out from the rest of the EP, “Healing” overwhelms us with emotion, as if we had taken the same journey as Mathew and are looking within ourselves. While the track feels grandiose in scope, it portrays the idea of growth and recovery on a much more personal level. We might have to keep an eye on Mathew V, as we can’t get enough of his take on contemporary pop.

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