German Power Trio Pabst Stand Against Berlin’s Gentrification in New Single “Skyline”

Rock music is a powerful tool, especially if you want to make a point against the ever-changing system and norms. This time we had the chance to check out “Skyline”, the brand new single from the power-trio band Pabst out of Berlin. Splashing onto the scene with their debut album Chlorine, to plenty of critical acclaim, Pabst has quickly made themselves known in the Berlin indie rock scene. Now the “Skyline” is officially out and ready for those who want to listen,  we can’t wait for the rest of the album. Pabst took 2019 by the horns, with over 30 festival appearances this year alone! The brains behind Pabst: vocalist/guitarist Erik Heise, bassist Tilman Kettner, and drummer Tore Knipping, are determined to take advantage of 2020. With a new album on the horizon, Pabst should definitely be on your radar with you need your dose of German rock.

“Although more than half of the world’s population lives in cities (and the trend is rising), they seem to be becoming more and more hostile places as they increasingly develop into “locations”. Especially in Berlin, where we come from, we have noticed vast changes in this direction in recent years. High fluctuation determines the cityscape and the housing market, with more and more furnished apartments being built. If you want to live somewhere, you often have to compete with hundreds. Houses classified as dilapidated will be demolished or fully renovated (’cause otherwise the price will not rise). – Pabst

With the world slowly repairing the chaos within, we are seeing creative people come together to entertain the masses and revive styles. Being hailed as a post-grunge hymn, “Skyline” tells the story of Berlin (as well as other large cities) gentrification and essentially pushing out locals that have worked so damn hard to call Berlin home. The track may not sound clean, but the chaotic and distorted nature simply adds fuel to the fire, to their message. If anything, we can’t sum it up better than a lyric from within the song itself “If this is the end / I hope the money was well spent / This city is a sh** show / Made of trash and neon glow.” Now the “Skyline” is officially out and ready for those who want to listen,  we can’t wait for the rest of the album. Make sure you keep on the lookout for Deuce Ex Machina, officially dropping on June 19th!

Make sure you check out the music video for “Skyline” below!

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