TikTok Sensation ZABO Injects A Dose of Dark Electro Meets Dubstep in New “Dusk & Dawn” EP

We’ve clearly been spending too much time on the lighter side of EDM if a DJ like ZABO slipped past us. On our latest peek into the electronic music world we are checking out the bew Dust & Dawn EP, the latest drop from ZABO. Created by Canadian musician Dan Szabo, ZABO is an almagamation of Szabo’s keep interest in electronic music and the bass music scene of Toronto, ON. Growing up Szabo knew that he had to go down the path influenced by electronic music, which in term fueled his passion for music compisition and creation. As soon as he was able to, Szabo studied audio and recording technology at the well-known OIART in LondonOntario. Once ZABO was up and running, he quickly became an internaitonal sensation thanks to going viral on TikTok, fueling his single “Breathe” to become the #1 electronic song on the platform and over 13.5 million streams. ZABO’s other single,  “Drown”, has already netted over 1 billion online streams thanks to international buzz.

‘Dusk & Dawn’ features two songs; the first song on the EP has a dark and evil vibe, with a heavy electro drop. The other song has a more uplifting vibe, while still carrying on that electro feel from track 1. I felt like the title ‘Dusk & Dawn’ was a good reflection on how the two tracks contradict each other” – ZABO.

With many artists and producers like ZABO keep sparking their careers on TikTok, it is evidently clear that if you aren’t promoting your music on the platform you’re marketing yourself wrong. While we were just introduced to ZABO through his previous release “Flow”, we can confidently see that there is so much just onder the surface that ZABO hasn’t even tapped into yet. Even just taking a look at “Flow” and Dust & Dawn, you can see how far ZABO’s range reaches. While we were able to see ZABO’s more trap-inspired side with “Flow”, Dust & Dawn is filled to the brim with hard bass and dark electro that it truly showcases ZABO’s soundscape building ability.  This EP is perfect for those late nights on the dancefloor, getting intimate with a newfound interest or just vibing alone. If anything is certain, it’s we’re keeping a close eye on ZABO moving forward.

Make sure you check out “Desolation” on YouTube below and the full Dusk & Dawn EP on Spotify!

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