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The Revival of Brostep: Jarvis Drops Newest EP "The Bro Code" on Firepower Records

After a month of teasing, the brostep revival has begun. This time we are heading back over to Firepower Records for The Bro Code EP, the latest release from Jarvis. Starting off his career back in 2015,  Jarvis has been evolving as a leader of the modern bass-head movement. Jarvis has been cultivating a loyal community and following as he strives to revive the brostep movement that we once knew from early on in Skrillex’s career. The following is all-inclusive, accepting of every kind of fan. The Bro Code EP is here to show that Brostep is one genre that has no reason to stay dead.

While we have already heard half of The Bro Code EP in preview singles (“Death Rave” and “Reborn”) we are thrilled to finally receive the two remaining tracks the make up the meat of the EP. “A New Dimension” and “Moombruh” both serve as a playground for Jarvis to break free and reinvent the rules that the Brostep genre has set in place. Jarvis uses a mixture of serrating synths, surprising melodies, and pulse-quickening basslines to craft his aggressive sound. However, while aggressive it may be, Jarvis’s style is still oddly dancefloor-friendly and distinctly groovy. If you are interested in the rebirth of the Brostep movement, keep your eyes focused on Jarvis.
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