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Sully Marks The Next Chapter in His Career With Vocal Bass Single “Deeper”

Music is truly a global language and those who can master it are savants. On our latest visit over to Wakaan we are checking out “Deeper”, the newest drop from Sully. Created by Detroit-based producer Christopher Sullivant, Sully became to being back in 2019 as Sullivant stepped onto the professional music scene. An alumnus of the Los Angeles acclaimed Icon Collective, Sully began cultivating a dedicated following through a series of self-releases that demonstrated Sully’s core fundamentals as a producer. Sully caught the attention of Wakaan in late 2019, where he made his official label debut and continues to thrive with audiences with his wavey soundscapes. Sully uses the creative juices that he generates with Wakaan to explore many different genres while still keeping is core sound intact.

 ​​‘Deeper’ has been an ongoing project for about four years now and, to this day, is still my favorite track I’ve ever worked on. It’s gone through so many revisions over the years and there were many times when I felt like I lost sight of what the end result should sound like. But I always knew this song was special to me and I couldn’t be happier that I saw it through.” – Sully

While we have truly been vibing with Wakaan’s generous offering of experimental bass music, we are still surprised when we hear a release that is out of the norm from their catalog.  With experience in dubstep, trap, drum & bass, and hip hop to just name a few, Sully takes a step outside his comfort zone for the newest addition to his camp. Recruiting han.irl <3 to add hauntingly beautiful vocals, Sully slowly builds out an ambient soundscape to resonate and match the vocals’ siren-like sound. Quickly picking up the pace throughout the track, “Deeper” transforms into a drum & bass banger that not only enraptures the listener but beckons them to dance and match the track’s energy. Marking the next chapter in Sully’s career, we can’t wait to see how Sully sprints forward through the rest of 2022, with plenty of releases and festival appearances on the horizon.

Make sure you check out “Deeper” on Spotify below and over on your favorite streaming platform!

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