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Rising UK StarKill Feed Reveals A Slice of Midtempo Riddim in New Single “TOASTY!”

When you dive deep into a world as versatile as bass music you never know what you are going to get. On our latest dive into the bass music world we are checking out “TOASTY!” a brand new single from KILL FEED. Hailing from our neighbors across the pond in the UK, KILL FEED is one of the hottest rising stars popping up in the scene right now. Even though he has been making music as KILL FEED since late 2019, he is no stranger to the experimental side of bass music. Originally gaining attention from audiences and tastemakers as 50HMAN through the Never Say Die: Black Label, KILL FEED has since evolved as a musician and producer with an unsatiable hunger for expanding his skillset and knowledgebase. Now based in Belgium, KILL FEED has no problem diving deep into the experimental side of music, even if it makes those filthy casuals run for cover.

IF you are unfamiliar with bass music (what are you doing here?) and are eager to dive in, you better brace yourself if this is your first time. A chaotic amalgamation of sounds and genres, KILL FEED makes it pretty clear right out of the gate that you need to hold on to “TOASTY!” for dear life and be ready for a ride. Fluctuating between haunting ambient, cursed rock n roll, and sci fi machinations, KILL FEED showcases just how far he can go down the experimental rabbit hole. You are no longer in the real world, you are in a simulation- a video game…and you were definitely thrown into the glitchy deep end. Our advice? Lose any preconceptions, embrace the chaos, and take a seat…we’re making this a journey.

Make sure you check out “TOASTY!” on Spotify below or on your favorite streaming platform!

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