Producer Contra Scandal Invites You On A Earthly Journey in New Album “Full Circle”

The world shutting down and quarantining has done weird things for everyone in some way, but those who have been able to harness their pent-up energy have made magic. On our most recent visit over to Gravitas Recordings we snagged a chance to check out Full Circle, the newest album from the talented Contra Scandal. While Covid-19 and the struggles it has caused has pushed many musicians to find other ways to produce music, Contra Scandal took the situation and buckled in for the long haul. Spending the next six months hiding in his home studio, he carefully crafted each note and melody that would later become his brand new album Full Circle. While you might have not heard of Contra Scandal until now, he has been making waves in the electronic community and climbing the ladder. Contra Scandal has already performed at venues like The Untz Festival and 1STBANK Center, as well as opening for major acts like NGHTMRE, SVDDEN DEATH, SubDocta, and Caspa. One of his more well-known singles, “Last Breath”, was actually featured in the independent film “Kakopo Crest”, a movie about a group of women who historically climbed Tusk in New Zealand.

Before diving headfirst into the Full Circle experience that Contra Scandal created for you, prepare yourself for reaching an interesting destination within each track. The album encourages listeners to open up their minds and ready themselves for new sounds, inducting them immediately into his world of bass crescendos in “Immersion”. As you move throughout the album, each track lures you deeper into the psychedelic cavern, slowly convincing you to not press pause and lose yourself in the audible soundscape. Contra allows dark bass music and atmospherical beats to serve as your guide, letting each song detail a little facet of the journey that can only be solved by reaching the final beat. From liquid basslines and hip-hop vocals to unique instrumentals and alluring violin, Contra’s Full Circle is definitely an album that is perfect to turn the sound of nothing into a worldly journey.

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