Majestic Vocalist Debra-Jean Creelman Teases Upcoming “Triggers & Mirrors” EP With Ethereal Single “Smoke”

The broader and more inclusive the mainstream becomes, the more unique and expansive the alternative side becomes. On this trip to the alternative side, we are checking out the brand new upcoming Triggers & Mirrors EP from performer Debra-Jean Creelman. Initially beginning her career over twenty-five years ago, Debra-Jean has just discovered her signature voice in just the last few years. As confidence comes with maturity, Debra-Jean’s new record came just at the prime time of her life. After multiple years of teaching starry-eyed students in the art of music, an opportunity came into Debra-Jean’s life to experiment with a brand new sound. Triggers & Mirrors isn’t just Debra-Jean’s baby, it’s more of a major collaborative effort between co-writer and producer James Meger, producer Jesse Zubot, and fellow vocalist Molly Guldemond.

“I started making this record right in the middle of a crash course in mortality, upheaval, and loss. The version of myself and the life that I had been clinging to had been shattered.

This recording was a true collaboration if there ever was one. These songs are just as much James Meger’s (Sick Boss, Sumner Brothers) as they are mine at this point. He built tracks around my hesitant demo vocals, and he, Jesse, and Molly supported me musically and otherwise as I gained confidence and momentum throughout the process. Coming out the other side of it, I feel stronger, happier, and more inspired to make music than I have in a very long time.” – Debra-Jean Creelman

While Triggers & Mirrors is still a few beats out, Debra-Jean just dropped the EP’s first single “Smoke”. The track and its accompanying music video show Debra-Jean in a rather vulnerable state, expressing how fragility enhances a song’s sound.  “Smoke” breathes pure electro-pop sound, strongly enhanced by the surreal soundscape that creates an almost ethereal audible experience.  The beautifully shot music video is directed by musician and filmmaker Ju Passed, even featuring his mother Barbara Bourget of Kokoro Dance. “Smoke” is a beautifully crafted track that is filled with vulnerability and expressions of trauma, and we need the rest of Triggers & Mirrors ASAP.

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