Kandle Explores Women’s Liberation and Ode to Neo-Noir in New Single “Honey Trap”

Artists like Kandle only come once and a while, we definitely need to keep an eye as she blossoms into a brilliant artist. On this week’s first dive into the indie world we have “Honey Trap”, the newest single from Kandle. Growing up in British Columbia with her father Neil Osborne, Kandle was able to experience the music industry from a rather unique perspective. Determined to move against the fray, Kandle made it clear that she has no desire to create disposable ear candy. She has no plans to chase playlist placements, as she simply just wants to tell her story. Following in the path laid for her by strong female icons like Nancy Sinatra, Billie Holiday and Shirley Bassey, her true love of music will serve as her guide. Kandle has already snagged the attention of audiences and critics, snagging a “Video of the Year” JUNO nomination as well as a Prism Prize award for her track “Not Up To Me.”

It is easy to overlook the subtleties involved in manipulation. For women with drive and motivation, one may already be conditioned to believe that your body or sexuality are the only real assets that society values of yours,” Kandle says of the songUnder this conditioning, it isn’t hard to imagine all the ways these assets can be turned against you by an abuser, and the idea of using your body as a tool to move forward when all other avenues are closed doesn’t seem so extreme.  What other path is there?  You start to believe it’s your choice, albeit a self-sacrificial one. Only when you start to break free, it becomes clear that you were never given the choice in the first place. We play their game until we make our own.” – Kandle

While we didn’t really dive hardcore into the indie world until late 2019/early 2020, there has been a musician that we actually can’t wait to cover each drop. None of Kandle’s singles hit or feel the same and it makes us actually excited to see what kind of style that she will explore next from drop to drop. The latest addition to the Kandle selection, “Honey Trap”, keeps up this methodology by including The Wiccs (singers Louise Burns, Kendel Carson and Tess Ananda) around the mic in a powerful women’s liberation track and an ode to neo-noir. A plan on words of the well-known method of spycraft, “Honey Trap” explores the feeling of when women are finally liberated from the chains of a toxic relationship, no longer being held back by the troubles of her current situation. The track is accompanied by an ecclectic music video directed by Brandon Fletcher and featuring actor Keenan Tracey (Bates Motel, The 100). You can learn more about the music video directly below from the director himself:

We wanted to create a nod to our favourite noir films of the 40s — and its more modern incarnation of dystopic neo/neon-noir thrillers — entire worlds riddled with deceit, seduction, and crime, all while exploring themes of consent, entitlement, and responsibility,” says FletcherAll these women ‘play the game’ without being fully aware of the deeper danger they’re in. Throughout the video, a shadowy man exploits them all, coalescing in an unwanted touch — something I think anyone who’s been manipulated can relate to — before he walks away with their livelihood.” –Brandon Fletcher, Director

Make sure you check out the music video for “Honey Trap” on YouTube below or on your favorite streaming platform!

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