Indie Rocker Mandi Crimmins Drops Raw Rock-fueled Anthem “LOSE CONTROL”

The more we worm our way into the world of independent musicians, the more of a grab bag our inbox becomes…in the best way possible. On our latest peek into the world of indie rock we are checking out “LOSE CONTROL”, the latest from Mandi Crimmins. Mandi Crimmins, a Berklee graduate based in Los Angeles, stands out as a chaotically-relatable rockstar known for her vulnerable lyrics and unhinged pop hooks that draw in listeners. Fearlessly open about her mental health struggles, she transforms personal challenges into a source of connection, resonating particularly with the mental health community and garnering a dedicated following. Since her move from Massachusetts to Los Angeles, Mandi has honed a raw and gritty musical style that has captivated audiences, leading to a collaborative partnership with alt-rock band The Haunt, further solidifying her authenticity and leaving an indelible mark on the contemporary music scene. Together, they’ve crafted a sonic landscape that reflects Mandi’s journey and appeals to those seeking an unfiltered and genuine musical experience.

“My music heals me and is for my community first and foremost. I feel that if I have to have had these experiences, I want something good to come from them. And giving others like me a sense of community, love and a safe space to heal is paramount to all purposes.” – Mandi Crimmins

Mandi’s latest single, “LOSE CONTROL,” is a poignant exploration of a dark and painful trauma she endured during college—revealing her experience of being groomed and trafficked by someone she had considered a friend. The song is a powerful expression of vulnerability, with Crimmins sharing her story publicly to provide solace, validation, and a sense of community for those facing similar struggles. The track, characterized by a bass-heavy, rock-infused sound, envelops the listener in a trance before delivering an emotionally charged punch in the chorus. The inclusion of lyrics directly from Crimmins’ diary during the traumatic period adds an authentic layer to the composition, making “LOSE CONTROL” not just a song but a cathartic and resonant journey through personal pain that aims to connect and empower others in their own healing process.

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