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House Music Isn’t Dead, Moski Drops Debut Album “The Return of House Music”

Many think house music has been gone for ages, yet few are willing to bring it back. Taking a trip back over to Barong Family, we are proud to check out Moksi’s official debut album The Return of House Music. Originally meeting up and budding a friendship back in 2006 the duo behind Moksi, Diego and Sam, didn’t start on their musical journey until 2015. Maksi has made plenty of progress since their inception, even enticing Yellow Claw with their first 45-second snippet. Since then, Moksi has released their first Brace Yourself EP, as well as made debuts on some of the largest stages in the world such as Tomorrowland, Ultra, and EDC. The biggest hit under their belt is 2017’s “Open” with Yellow Claw, which has nabbed over 27 million streams.

After releasing multiple EPs and about 50 songs in general, we felt it was time to make music with a new set of goals. Not just 1 dope song for our DJ sets, but a whole goddamn album with songs that have more meaning. It changed our way of producing cause there’s a bigger story to tell than just ‘one sick drop.’ It gave us some new much-needed perspectives as producers, and after making this album, we knew this is what we want to do for the time to come.” – Moksi

After getting a taste of The Return of House Music with “So Fly” back in June, we are glad to finally hear the rest of the album now that it has come into the light. Since this is Moksi’s first full-length twelve track album, the duo took this opportunity to explore plenty of different musical influences, bouncing from track to track. This shows the versatility and adaptability of the house genre, with the style mixed in a giant pot with classic rap, modern RnB, bounce, and four on the floor just to name a few. Basically, you name it, Moksi has a track to fit that specific taste. As we normally lean towards the progressive end of the spectrum, “Doorman” with Chace is our personal favorite. We do also recommend “Spike the Punch” if you need to set the dancefloor on fire.

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