Effemar Joins LABRNTH’s Growing Catalog with Deep Progressive Vocal Single “Catch Your Breath,” Featuring SJ Lawrence

The more we dive into this label, the quicker they are becoming one of our favorite new entities to follow. On our latest visit over to LABRNTH we are checking out “Catch Your Breath” the latest drop from Effemar. Effemar is a Swiss music duo composed of Doane Allan and Julien Grosjean. Their first single, “Deep Sea,” released in 2020, gained three million streams within a month. They continued to release popular vocal and instrumental tracks on their own imprint label, Aube, collaborating with vocalists and incorporating their own vocals. The duo performs live in Switzerland and released their single “Ocean” on San Holo’s label in 2022. They consistently released several singles on their own imprint, resulting in their appearance on Spotify’s “Electronic Rising” playlist. With over 25 million streams across the digital airwaves, Effemar might just be the Swiss artists to look out for.

The song is about how life comes to a standstill when you lose someone you love for the first time. In moments of silence, my thoughts dwell on what they meant to me and what’s now missing in my life. They taught me things no one else could, but I’m appreciative of their influence in my life.” – Effemar

When you are a new label trying its best to burst out onto the scene, you know that your first few singles have to  hit the ground running and help elevate your name. “Catch Your Breath” is a deep and emotional progressive track with soulful vocals by Effemar, while also tapping SJ Lawrence for a quick vocal sample. The production is seamless, and the groovy undertones and uplifting synth lines make it suitable for both the dancefloor and radio airwaves. The track is released on LABRNTH, a new label that debuted earlier in the year. This successful release demonstrates that LABRNTH is off to a strong start, with more new music to come.

Make sure you check out “Catch Your Breath” on Spotify below and over on Soundcloud!

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