Platinum Duo Vicetone Releases Breezy Dance-Pop Crossover “Dopamine Junkie,” Featuring Ben Samama, and Announces Forthcoming 4-Track EP “Departing Reality”

As more and more producers are stepping into the crossover world of dance-pop, the more intriguing the space becomes. On our latest peek into the electronic music world we are checking out “Dopamine Junkie”, the latest drop from Vicetone. Vicetone is a music duo formed in 2012 by Ruben den Boer and Victor Pool. They are known for creating emotionally charged dance music with attention to detail. They have over 1 billion streams and have gained global notoriety. They started by performing in Europe and eventually expanded to North America and Asia. Their successes include hit songs like “Something Strange”, “Nevada”, and “Astronomia”, which went viral on TikTok. They released their debut album “Legacy” in 2021 and will follow up with the elease an EP called “Departing Reality” in the summer of 2023. Even with all of their success, the world still needs more Vicetone. 

This record is all about that rush or dopamine that overcomes you when the drop hits just right. Our goal was to have the melodies constantly entrancing you all throughout the song. We love the combination of the bassline, guitars, piano, and vocals to make a very groovy yet still Vicetone-sounding dance record.” – Vicetone

Vicetone is a Dutch-born, US-based music duo that has released a new track, “Dopamine Junkie,” featuring Ben Samama, a well-known singer and songwriter from Los Angeles. The song pays tribute to one of the most cherished feelings that music lovers can experience – getting lost in the perfect song. The opening of the song features organic guitar instrumentals that set the stage for the rest of the song, which is characterized by breezy melodies and gentle undulating beats. With its emotive vocals and upbeat tempo, “Dopamine Junkie” is a perfect anthem to prepare for the summer festival season. The new song is also a preview of Vicetone’s upcoming four-track EP, which is set to release this summer. The EP is themed around the concept of a global tour, and it is anticipated to be an exciting new addition to the duo’s impressive music portfolio. As a result, music lovers have a lot to look forward to.

Make sure you check out “Dopamine Junkie” on Spotify below and over on Soundcloud!

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