Canadian Producer Jack Moves Drops Electric Single “List Of Demands” Leading Up to Debut 2020 Album

The journey of any artist, or anyone in a creative field, is by far the best journey to watch unfold. This time we are heading back up to the Toronto music scene for a new pop dose in “List of Demands” from producer Jack Moves. Originally placing his first step into the music world as a member of metal bands Godstopper, Ayahuasca, and the hardcore act Column of Heaven, Jack Moves became his own act after departing from metal music. Now free from the confines of metal, He became a one-man band and shared local and digital stages with many other acts from hip-hop rappers and electronic producers to post-hardcore bands. He even curated a live looping YouTube channel from 2015-2018.

Now out on his own, Jack Moves clearly evolved as a producer very much within the public eye. Dropping his first EP I Go To Work, he crafted his engaging live show and created an interactive vocal live-looping experience. Jack Moves continued to grow, later following up in 2017 with a second EP I Been Working, now full diving into the electronic pool and putting those sounds on display. With a growing fanbase in his home country of Canada, he seized the opportunity and cultivated his home base all while branching out to Europe with multiple tours. Jack followed these tours up with yet another EP I’m Insane, which consists of Ozzy Osbourne covers in Jack’s style.

If we have learned anything about Jack Moves in preparation for this article, we have to admire his continued journey in honing his craft. With his full feature-length album, Passing Protagonists, officially in the works and dropping later this year, we seriously can’t wait for what Jack has in store. If “List of Demands” gives us any taste of what the rest of the album has in store, this is exactly what we need to fill our 2020 rotation. Music is a loose concept and Passing Protagonists is the perfect stage for Jack Moves to further blur the fragile lines of genre. Wade into the deep end of the electric pool Jack Moves…we’re waiting with open arms.

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