Artist LJR Continues Tease of Upcoming Debut Album With Energetic Single “Need a Little Lovin'”

With the world of pop-rock on the rise, more and more talented artists are coming out of the wood work. On our latest peek into the indie world we are checking out “Need a Little Lovin'”, the latest single from LJR. Originally hailing from Maryland, LJR’s interest in music sparked very early on in his life at the age of 5. After seeing his father watch numerous shows and his older brother begin to learn the guitar, LJR took his turn on the drums. His own curiousity took ahold, where he learned to sing, play piano, and even led his  evangelical Christian church. However, as he grew older, LJR abbandoned his faith and used the events during the most hectic part of his life to pursue a professional music career. LJR has opened for platinum-selling singer-songwriter Matt Nathanson and acclaimed duo A Great Big World, as well as released a handful of singles in lead up to his 12-track debut album coming out later in 2021.

“When I wrote this song at 19, I had no idea how true it would be for me over thenext decade. I didn’t see it at the time, but until my early 20’s, unhealthy patternsin my relationships and narrow religious beliefs made up my entire identity. WhileIcouldn’t imagine life outside of it, I believe this song was one of my first musingsof transition, a wondering of sorts of life outside in the real world. After 10 yearsof processing and creating my own identity apart from the controlling grip of myunhealthy relating patterns, the final line of the chorus rings true for me now morethan ever: ‘One day, we’ll wake up, and this will be a dream.’” – LJR

When coming from such a strict background like an evangelical Christian, it is hard to shake the tenets of your faith that essentially rooted themselves deep within you. So while we are normally hesitant to dabble in this territory, LJR’s pivot over to pop-rock tickles us intrigued. The latest single to the LJR camp, “Need a Little Lovin'” is a solid pop-rock number that feels like a cross of modern alt-rock with an indie-pop approach in regards to vocals.  LJR’s previous experience working within in the choir at church still rings true, with his soaring vocals through the track’s chorus and outro screaming gospel but adequately restrained by the pop-rock framework in place. Overflowing with positive energy, LJR adds a bit of North Indian flair into the track’s instrumentals, recruiting college roommate Gurpreet Sarin (American Idol) to elevate the track’s production. If you are need of a classic rock inspired pop-rock song with a twist, “Need a Little Lovin'” is worth giving a shot.

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