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Americana Guru Downtown Mystic Releases New LP “AmeriKarma”, Reflects On Unresolved Feelings of the Pandemic

Even though we spend most of our time in the alternative and electronic world, going back to our roots is still a thrill. On our latest visit to the world of americana we are checking out AmeriKarma the latest LP from Downtown Mystic. Better known as Robert Allen, Downtown Mystic is determined to bring vintage jams from the 50s, 60s, and 70s back into the mainstream. Drawing from rock n roll greats like Tom Petty, The Eagles, and Bruce Springsteen. Downtown Mystic easily channels the Americana sound that we grew up with. As indie solo artist Allen has achieved remarkable success in the sync licensing industry with more than 230 TV shows and film placements. His recognition by outlets like American Songwriter and his ninth LP, “DownTown Mystic On E Street,” featuring members of Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band, have given his second career a boost. Essentially our rock n roll guru, Downtown Mystic takes us along a rich journey down rock n roll memory lane, and we couldn’t help to be pleased with the adventure.

Change was thrust upon us like Karma, It was very emotional and I don’t think we have quite come to grips with what really happened to us during the Pandemic – being forced to stay inside and confront ourselves.” – Downtown Mystic

There is just something about americana and the way Downtown Mystic delivers his singles that captures our attention and makes it incredibly difficult to break away. Now fully embracing the indie rock and americana niche, Downtown Mystic returns with his latest project AmeriKarma, an emotionally-charged LP that is already a must listen for indie rock listeners.  Citing the COVID-19 pandemic as a main emotional influence, Downtown Mystic expertly portrays his and many other feelings post-pandemic within every single one of Amerikarma’s nine tracks. Whether it is feelings of loss and disconnection like in “Day of Reckoning” or the need to break free in “Fly”, Downtown Mystic beautifully captures this fragile feelings and transforms them into americana staples that are filled to the brim with life and energy. If you haven’t surrendered yourself over to this americana rock guru, you need to hop on this ride while you can.

Make sure you check out Amerikarma on Soundcloud below!

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