Alternative Rock Band Greer Releases 2nd EP “Happy People”, Modern Power Rock In Its Prime

When you have this amount of momentum so early on in your career, you would be foolish to not run with it. On our latest peek into the alternative world we are checking out Happy People, the newest EP from Greer. Formed back in 2018 after bassist Seth met drummer Lucas at a show the former played in a previous band with guitarist Corbin, it wasn’t long before Greer was given life. After gaining buzz early on with a handful of noteworthy singles, the band landed themselves a record deal with Epitaph Records. Now 18 months after first stepping into the studio, Greer has already released two EPs, Lullaby For You and Happy People, and are quickly becoming a major force in the alternative world. With Happy People now out on the airwaves for you to consume, we are putting it under the microscope to see just how far Greer experimented with how they wanted to progress forward as a band. 

With so many talented acts coming out of the alternative music scene right now, we struggle to discover the amazing talent that is hidden directly under our noses. Greer was one of these talents, with the band being on our radar for a hot minute before finally snagging the feature treatment. Blending classic elements from power rock artists like Elvis Costello and Big Star with modern alternative rock sounds, Happy People straddles the line between being refreshing and nostalgic, not teetering too much on either side. While thematically the EP does attribute some influence from the COVID-19 pandemic, many of the band’s lyrics are relatable to any point in time. Our personal favorite track has to be “Way Out”, which is actually a track about exploring Greer’s past and how they will move forward in their career. If you want some solid alt-rock to score your weekend escapades, Happy People is definitely worth your time.

Make sure you check out “Way Out” on YouTube below and the whole Happy People EP on Spotify!

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