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Your Weekend is Enhanced with “Crawl” From APEK & MAXR

Some of the artists we cover are one-offs, so it takes quite a bit to impress us and keep coming back. To wrap up our weekend we have “Crawl”, the latest original production from American producer APEK. One of the core artists under the Enhanced Recordings label, APEK has had success with both his original tracks and remixes. What can be better than that? This has led to numerous collaborations with the likes of Cuebrick, Feenixpawl, and Breathe Carolina. This hasn’t limited APEK just to the studio however, as he has taken multiple solo tours in the United States and India.

Considering the tracks that APEK has brought to us in the past, “Crawl” has to be our personal favorite. We absolutely love it when APEK is able to collaborate with another artist and this most recent collab with Baltimore native MAXR is quite the match. Their combined styles blend so well together that when you add vocalist Denny White’s vocal work to the mix, you may have a successful track on your hands. Keep them coming APEK, keep them coming.

Now just a few words from the brains behind this track:

Crawl is a song that has been a long time in the making, over a year actually. Its gone through several different versions, too many to count! But in the end couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. I’ve wanted to work with Denny for a while and was really excited when he sent me this vocal, and when I teamed up with MAXR the ideas instantly started flowing. I think this song will be worth the wait, and I can’t wait for everyone to hear it!” – APEK

This track is a special one for both of us I think. Josh(APEK) has been a mentor to me in this game for awhile now and having the opportunity to work with him on this one was kind of like coming full circle. The track itself started with the amazing vocals APEK sent to me from Denny. I put together a rough draft of the track in about 2-3 days but the song itself went back and forth between us for about 2 months in order to get everything just right. APEK really took it to the next level with some of the melodic elements he added and what resulted was what you hear now.” – MAXR

Make sure you give “Crawl” a full listen below:

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