WTF: Suicide Mouse

Hello everybody! Since I haven’t done this in ages (since the early weeks of my site) I would like to post some of the more interesting Creepypastas I find around the Internet for Halloween. I hope everyone enjoys the pastas I pick and feel free to leave your comments below.


When you first open the .exe, you’re greeted by that picture from Suicide Mouse’s creepypasta wiki page, with a progress bar superimposed over it. The graphics are incredibly low-res, and they’re also monochrome. When you start playing, the familiar Suicide Mouse tune starts playing, and you’re in control of Mickey.

Immediately to your right is a door you can enter by pressing space. However, if you enter the door the music stops you’re greeted with a blurry 8-bit head over a black background that covers the gameplay.

After about 2 seconds, if briefly flashes black and then comes back with the text “I am dead. You are next” crudely drawn over it. After about a second of that, a much more detailed mickey appears, moves up and down a couple of times, and then the music starts again and you’re back in control of Mickey.

There’s a couple of screens of nothing but a background, and then there’s a screen with a crane and a brick building. If you press the spacebar in front of the crane, the game freezes for a second, then the music changes to that from the end of Suicide Mouse. Once that happens, you’re greeted with an animation of low-res mickey being hung by a chain, followed by the bottom part of his body exploding into a bloody mess. This is where the game starts displaying red in addition to the monochrome graphics. After that you get the game over screen, which is a bloody “YOU DIED” message (apparently from Bio Hazard on the NES) with the Sonic CD USA game over music. Then you’re returned to the title screen.

If you choose to walk past the crane and enter the brick building, the same thing happens as with the first door, but with a different message. The next screen has more doors and different messages. Finally, you get something different on the next screen.

There’s a hole in the ground, which you can press the spacebar to enter. You see Mickey falling down a lazy gradient, and then he hits the floor of a new area (apparently supposed to be hell) with some fire off to the left (which you die if you touch) and a door to the left. The music also changes here, and the subliminal messages of the street part are replaced by much more disturbing images accompanied by a gong sound. There’s also occasionally the ambient sounds of a man moaning in pain, taken directly from the original suicide mouse.

After that screen, there’s a pit covered in fire, which you can jump over. The next screen has a hole in the floor, which I jumped into out of curiosity. Bad move. After Mickey falls past another lazy gradient, he ends up in a pit, with no exit whatsoever. There was no music at this point.

After about 5 seconds in the pit, an entirely black mickey appeared with a heartbeat sound, but then immediately faded out. He showed up again in about 5 seconds, and then faded out again. He kept appearing more and more frequently, and then there was a pause. After that, there was a LOUD scream over about 10 different screamers crammed into 1 second. Then mickey exploded into a bloody mess, and the background changed into a gruesome image of several distorted faces, recolored completely red.

I rage quit after that happened, due to me nearly having a heart attack. There’s probably more to this game, But after that I don’t care enough to find out what it is.


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