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With Vocal Work From Elayna Boynton, Max Styler and MAKJ Release “Knock Me Down”


Alright Styler, you’re back. Who did you bring with you this time? We round out this week with the new single from Max Styler and MAKJ “Knock Me Down”, with supporting vocal work from Elayna Boynton. Styler has been representing Dim Mak quite nicely over the last few years, as he is the youngest producer to sign with Dim Mak at only eighteen years old. While the support from Dim Mak and Aoki have been massive, Styler has also been supported by other major superstars such as Diplo, The Chainsmokers, and DJ Snake. Both Styler and MAKJ are early in their careers but we can’t wait to see how they will take the scene by storm.

As for “Knock Me Down”, it is a solid single that is both raw and emotional but professional and clean. Styler and MAKJ bring in intense and heavy bass lines with each one topping it off with dirty machine-esque drops and sharp beats. However, “Knock Me Down” is carried by Elayna Boynton’s amazing vocals that could easily pierce the essence of the soul. This isn’t the first time Boynton’s vocals have impressed nearly everyone. She loaned her vocal work for the track “Freedom” on the Django Unchained soundtrack, which currently sits at over 20 million streams on Spotify.

Make sure you listen to “Knock Me Down” below:

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