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2ND FEATUREElectronicSpinnin' Records

Pioneers of Low-tempo Electronic “Car Music” – HEDEGAARD, CANCUN? and Matt Hawk, Join Forces on “OneHundred” Single – Neat Fusion of EDM and Rap/Hip-Hop Leading The Namesake Label’s “Car Music Vol. 1” Compilation

While we still might be new to the world of HEDEGAARD, we are feeling deeper and deeper with every release. On our latest visit to OneHundred we are checking out “OneHundred”, the latest from HEDEGAARD, CANCUN?, and Matt Hawk. HEDEGAARD

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2ND FEATUREElectronicHouse

Multi-platinum Artist Alan Walker Lays Foundation of His 4th Studio Album “WalkerWorld” In Form of First 10-track Installment, Announcement of Fortnite In-Game Amusement Park, Themed World Tour, Future Album Singles, and More

We haven’t quite seen an album release like this one, yet we’re insanely excited to see it play out. On our latest peek at the EDM world we are checking out Walkerworld, the newest album of Alan Walker. Alan

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