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NEXT UP FROM PROTOCOL: Florian Picasso x Raiden “Hanabi”

As we round out the beginning of festival season, we are quickly needing a track of complete fire to kick start these coming months. Who better to look towards than Nicky Romero’s Protocol, which continues to put out lit singles track after track. This week we have the latest from MiR newcomer Florian Picasso and fan favorite Raiden with their latest collaboration “Hanabi”. The track was first premiered on the main stage of Ultra Music Festival, where the two joined Romero on the main stage. For two up and coming producers, both Florian and Raiden sure have accomplished plenty. Both producers have been major figures in Protocol’s Amsterdam Dance Event as well.

What “Hanabi” shows off best as how two different artists with almost clashing styles can meld together and create something that many people would call beautiful. While there is limited vocal work, which is odd for both performers, what does exist is distorted to fit comfortably with the multi-level rising beats. “Hanabi” is not only energetic, but is able to captivate you within mere moments of plugging in. “Hanabi” showcases the strengths of both producers and will fit in right at home with the rest of the summer catalog.

Make sure you give “Hanabi” a full listen and you can purchase the track here.

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