Startup Duo Yardhaus Fuses Pop and Dance Music in New Debut Single “Blame”

If there is one standard of the music industry that is fading away in the digital age, it is the need for a label to publish your own music and reach an audience. Diving head first into the electric pool we are checking out “Blame”, the newest drop from the duo known as Yardhaus. Created by producing duo Michael Jack and Max Shaevitz, Yardhaus is a brand new dance-pop crossover project out of New York that is primed and ready to splash into the scene. The duo found succuss early on in their career, earning the opportunity to open for powerhouses like Marshmello, Zedd, and ASAP Ferg to name a few. While they have a few singles underneath their belt already, Yardhaus took a bit of a beat to step back into the studio and refine their sound. Now with a more polished style in mind, Yardhaus is back and has no intention of slowing down in 2021.

“‘Blame’ is a hybrid between dance, pop, and electronic. The song is about knowing how arelationship will end, even from the start. It speaks to the toxicity and short-sighted nature oftransactional relationships. – Yardhaus

While the duo could have stuck with one particularly seasoned genre like house or electro, Yardhaus made the decision to smash their two genres together and embrace the result. Combining core elements of both dance and indie pop, Yardhaus’s infused sound attracts listeners from both ends of the spectrum. The duo uses “Blame” to take a look at the landscape of the modern dating scene, which anyone can easily relate to those struggles. Yardhaus actively wanted to create an easy-listening experience, letting their deep basslines weave in and out of a groovy and chill melody. While the track can serve as a chill vibing session or a trip down memory lane, the experience doesn’t last nearly long enough. However, we will be definitely watching Yardhaus, especially as they take their new momentum into 2021.

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