Middle Eastern Pop Singer Amir Brandon Releases Heartfelt Music Video For Single “Cry In The Shower”

Whoever has the gall to call someone out for not suffering for their art, is simply not worth of appreciating genuine art. On our latest peek into the indie world we are checking out the brand new music video for “Cry In The Shower”, the latest drop from Amir Brandon. While plenty of artists can grow and develop into amazing performers thanks to a supportive household during their childhood, their are still equally strong performers who weren’t so lucky. While dealing with homophobia and domestic issues as an impressionable child, Amir found the creator’s spark and focused his energies on fueling his creative drive. What led was a difficult journey of self-discovery and experimentation, with Amir standing strong as a Middle Eastern artist and breaking any pre-determined notions. Amir has quickly cultivated a rabid fanbase through his success on TikTok and over 10 million streams across multiple other online platforms. Amir further expanded his reach through placements on both Netflix and Disney, as well as a pop performance on artist JoJo’s Instagram live stream.

 “Sometimes I ‘Cry In The Shower’ about someone that turned his back on me. I thought it was about time that he got a song. He was an integral part of my life, and soon enough I realized that he wasn’t who I thought he was. I thought I was important to him, so I felt like a bit of a fool when I realized I wasn’t. I feared losing him, and he just went on like it was nothing. The shower is a great place to gather your thoughts. It’s also a great place to wallow. It’s my safe place.” – Amir Brandon

While there are plenty of people who would look at Amir’s style and stray away from it, we will gladly embrace his experimental sound. While we would say that here in the United States Middle Eastern artists like Amir are finally snagging the spotlight for themselves, there are still those who hesitate. Honest and vulnerable, “Cry in the Shower” explores the familiar feeling of when you are in your most raw state, your emotions overwhelm you and you break down. Whether it was a life choice, relationship, or simply the world not playing out as you thought, it is a relatable feeling that we each experience. Amir captures that intimate moment with a minimal guitar arrangement and his heartfelt vocals, giving the listener an emotional performance that is is beautiful yet heartbreaking. If Amir Brandon isn’t on your radar just yet and you want to appreciate unfiltered artists, you should fix that.

Make sure you check out the music video for “Cry In The Shower” on YouTube below!

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