Harper Starling Drops Earwormy Dance Single “Cannot Tell A Lie”, Candid Dance Pop Vibes!

You know you are destined to be an artist if you don’t crumble under obstacles thrown your way. On our latest peek into the indie music world we are checking out “Cannot Tell A Lie”, the latest release from Harper Starling. Originally hailing from Milwaukee but finding her home in Los Angeles, Starling knew that she had the heart and talent to be a performer from a very early age. Despite being diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome at a young age, Starling couldn’t be deterred from her path to showcase her craft. She discovered that her symptoms disappeared once she was on stage, thus renewing her dedication to her craft. That dedication clearly shows as Starling has released multiple top 20 Billboard Dance hits and support from the likes of MTV, LA Weekly and PopWrapped. Every time that Starling drops a new release, audiences and tastemakers are definitely taking notice.

When we cover indie-pop stars, normally they fall into a few different camps based on their fundamental styles. However, every so often we will find a single that is just infectious and stands out from the crowd in just the right way. Being the latest addition to the Starling catalog, “Cannot Tell A Lie” is a fun pivot into candid dance-pop that we’ve needed for some time. Following up her late summer drop “No More What If”, “Cannot Tell A Lie” showcases Starling’s skill in candid storytelling by exploring the too true inner workings of personal relationships in Los Angeles compared to relationships in her small hometown. All told against an insanely addictive breakbeat. Toeing the line between insanely earwormy pop song and banger alt-pop single, “Cannot Tell A Lie” is not only a fantastic introductionto Harper Starling  but a must for indie music fans.

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