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Anime Club: Poulette no Isu (Short)

Hello everyone! Sorry we have been rather busy with all of our music content. While we wrap up the fall anime series, we will be checking out some shorts! (Definitely not a cop out for lack of content). Anyway to start we have Poulette no Isu.



CREATED BY: Hiroyasu Ishida

GENRE: Comedy, Slice of Life

YEAR: 2014


The story of Poulette no Isu is rather simple. Poulette no Isu is a short film directed by Hiroyasu Ishida about a young girl with a magical chair. Because of the length of this short, I’d honestly rather not say anything else, but that also makes Poulette no Isu very easy to recommend. This is a modern take on Shel Silverstein’s classic, “The Giving Tree”. The director takes the base of the story and takes a different approach than the original, but maintaining the charm that brought us all to love the original tale. Instead of a tree we have a chair that can move on its own. The story is very Disney-esque and I love the nostalgia it gives.


This short actually does what very few can…it actually wraps up a nice and quaint story in just about five minutes. As for what the film has going far it, you would be surprised. The animation quality is actually rather superb, on par with Studio Ghibli. I actually mistook it for some Ghibli work initially, but then again recognized the differences. Poulette no Isu tells a nice story about the struggles of childhood and reminds us that everyone can use a little help from time to time. Oh, did I mention this film made me feel for a chair? Yeah. We went there.

Honestly, my only major gripe for the film is that I didn’t actually connect with Poulette. Sure I felt bad for her, as I am not some kind of monster who can stand by and watch children being bullied or disappointed. But I actually wasn’t interested in her evolution as a character, just the chair. The support team.


  • Beautiful animation.
  • Soothing score.
  • Pathos for a chair.


  • Not long enough.
  • Lack of empathy for Poulette.

SCORE: 7.5 / 10

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