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WWE NXT |6-12-14|The Debut of Mr. NXT!

Hello My Friends, and welcome to my review of June 12th’s edition of NXT Wrestling. Tonight’s advertised main event is a rematch from NXT: Take Over! as Adrian Neville defends his NXT Championship against Tyson Kidd! Last week Tyson asked for a rematch and was granted it! Will he be able to defeat The Champ, or will lightning strike twice for Adrian Neville?

Bayley, Emma & Paige (c) vs. The BFF’s (Charlotte (c), Sasha Banks & Summer Rae)

Before the show opened we had a nice video package highlighting the Adrian Neville/Tyson Kidd Feud! Bayley, Emma and The Divas Champion, Paige made their way to the ring separately while The BFF’s came down together to the NXT Womens Champ theme! We saw a little bit of dissension between The BFFs as all three fought for the middle spot between them, and Summer even showed interest in The Womens title as she picked it out the second Charlotte put it down. Emma and Charlotte start things off. The two are pretty even in the beginning until Emma slapped Charlotte, and The Womens Champion fired back with a hard elbow to the jaw of Emma! Charlotte tossed Emma into her turnbuckle where she tagged in Sasha Banks! Summer looked surprised on the outside as she was expecting the tag. Banks stomped on Emma for a bit, before making the tag back to Charlotte. Emma fought back for a few and made her way to the outside of the apron, but Sasha Banks pulled her off the apron, sending Emma face first onto it. We shortly go to commercial break but once we return we see Summer Rae know in the ring with Emma as she has a headlock locked in! It’s not long until Summer tags in the NXT Women Champion, and Charlotte quickly lock in The Figure Four Headlock! Emma reverses the move as she arches her back and forces Charlotte’s shoulders to the match and gets a two count before Charlotte kicks out. Emma begins to make her way to her team, but The Womens Champ pulls Emma away and locks her right back in The Figure Four Headlock. Charlotte let go of the move after she used her leg strength to suplex Emma while still in the hold. Charlotte covers Emma only for a two. Charlotte tagged in Sasha, while Summer Rae is over near the fans taking pictures with them. Charlotte and Summer have a few words while Sasha continues to dominate Emma. Emma gets a way for a few moments and races to her team for a tag, but Sasha quickly rushes over to take out Paige and drag Emma back into her corner before Summer tagged herself in. Summer begins to jam her foot into the throat of Emma while she yelled at Banks “This is how you do it.” The referee demands Summer get out of the ring stating he did not see the tag, prompting Sasha Banks to get back in the ring. Banks stomps on Emma a few times before tagging Summer back in. Summer continues the beat down, until something weird happened. Charlotte screamed at Raw “Tag Me” and Summer replied by tagging herself “and saying your in” I don’t know if I missed a tag, but Charlotte comes into the match and jams her shoulder into Emma’s gut a couple of times until she tags Banks back into the match. Sasha continues to take it to Emma, but Emma moves out the way sending Sasha chest first into the turnbuckle. Emma quickly takes this opportunity to lock in The Dil-Emma. The referee makes his count up to four, before Emma lets go. The two Divas make their ways to the corners. Sasha makes the tag to Charlotte and Emma finally tags out to Bayley! Bayley rushes in and takes The Womens Champ down with some hard clotheslines! Charlotte gets up in the turnbuckle but Bayley races at her and slams her shoulder right into the gut of the NXT Womens Champion. Bayley than quickly races to towards Charlotte again and lands her elbow right into the jaw of The Champ, Bayley follows up with a suplex followed by a two count pin on the champion, broken up by Sasha Banks. The Divas Champion, Paige quickly rushes into the ring, but Sasha disposes of her quickly. Bayley grabs Banks while she is not looking and tosses her out and even lands a forearm on Summer Rae, before she could get involved. Charlotte did a split to avoid Bayley clothesline and rolled her up for a pin using her impressive athleticism , but it was only good for a two. Charlotte took her anger out on Summer as she kicked Rae to the outside of the ring screaming at her “What are you doing?” Bayley grabs the champ from behind and rolls her up for a three count, to pick up the surprise victory!

Winners – Bayley, Emma & The WWE Divas Champion, Paige

Grade – B: A great way to open up the show! Emma took majority of the beating in this match, as The BFF’s really singled her out, but give it to Bayley for the come back win! The second Summer returned last week, we knew there were going to be issues, I just wasn’t expecting them to happen so quickly! Despite the fact that Sasha Banks and Charlotte worked well together, the twos girls really wanted nothing to do with Summer, and towards the end The Champ let Summer get to her and it cost them the match. After the match Summer whipped her hair into Charlotte’s face and the two begin to argue with Summer screaming at both Banks and Charlotte ” I made you two” before leaving. It would appear that Charlotte’s first challenger would be Summer Rae, but maybe Bayley will throw her name in there after pinning the champ. One thing I did notice is the NXT Divas were made to look better than the Main Roster Divas! Charlotte and Banks were the main two dishing out the damage on Emma! The Divas Champ, Paige never got in the match. Summer was attacked by Charlotte and Bayley turned the match around for her team! The NXT Divas continue to look good, while the WWE Divas continue to do the exact opposite!

JBL Segment.

We are shown a video from last week on The General Manger of NXT, JBL signing a new talent. The new guy begins to thank JBL and begins to say he truly Bo-Leiv, but quickly rephrases it and says Believes he will do big things here! JBL welcomes Mr. NXT on board!

Backstage Segment with The BFF’s

Banks and Charlotte argue with Summer over the match. Banks completely blames Summer while I believe I heard Charlotte say “No wonder he dumped you!” Summer defends herself until Alexa Bliss makes her way into the locker room to get her stuff. Sasha Banks shoos Bliss away, Alexa explains she is not looking for friends or a fight, but how about a match. Banks asks her if she knows who she is talking to and Alexa responds by saying “So it’s a yes!” and than she leaves. The segment ends with The BFF’s talking crap about Bliss!

Colin Cassady vs. Sylvester Lefort W/ Marcus Louis

Before either superstar makes their way to the ring, CJ Parker is shown walking through the NXT Crowd with a sign that has messages about saving the Planet and littering. Colin Cassady makes his way to the ring first to some nice fan fare. Colin is always so energetic during his entrances and I love it! Out next is Lefort along with his tag team partner, Marcus Louis. The two make their way to the ring, while Louis waves the France Flag around. Lefort gets in Colin’s face and begins to talk trash to him. Cassady doesn’t take it for long as he grabs Lefort by his head and pushed him back into the turnbuckle. Colin tosses Lefort across the ring, Sylvester gets up into the other turnbuckle, but is quickly tossed by Cassady again. Lefort once again gets up in the turnbuckle, but this time he kicks Colin in the knee and beings to beat down on him. The crowd began to chant “USA” while Lefort continued to take it to Cassady until Colin starting firing back with punches right to the gut! Lefort quickly turns it around back into his favor, continuing on with strikes to the back of Cassady. Sylvester went to bounce of the ropes, but Colin quickly got up and fired him with an elbow right to the face of Lefort. Colin picks Lefort up and hits him with some Knee’s to the gut and than slams him back down with a huge forearm to the back. Cassady backed up into the turnbuckle and got the crowd to say along with him ” S-A-W-F-T” The crowd finishes the catch phrase while Colin runs at Lefort and hits him with a Big Boot! Colin begins to start down Louis while Marcus screams at Cassady. Lefort uses Colin to pull himself up, but Cassady just picks him up onto his shoulders and hits him with East River Crossing (I believe that’s what it was called) and covers him for the three!

Winner – Colin Cassady

Grade- B-: Before I go over the match, I wanna add that I like what there doing with Parker. Having him go through the crowd with his signs. I wish they would make it more effective, maybe have him come out with a Megaphone and preaching his beliefs onto them. I do feel this is a great way for him to get some heat, without having to lose to every superstar. Back to the match, I gotta say I was surprised to see Lefort put up more of a fight. Colin continues to impress, showing off a bit more of an aggressive side tonight. His stare down Marcus Louis during the match and after the match, hints at a possible match between those two, but Colin continues to impress and one has to wonder what awaits Colin in his future!

Natalya & Tyson Kidd Segment

Natalya is backstage with Tyson, expressing how excited she is that she gets to go out there and accompany him to the ring. Tyson gets up from his push ups and tells Nattie that this match is not about her, it’s about the NXT Championship and that is all he is focused on. Nattie tries to explain to Tyson that she understands, but Tyson continues to restate he is only focused on the NXT Title, until he leaves. It seems the statement that Tyson will only be remember as Natalya’s husband is beginning to get to him and it seems he may be taking it out on his wife! I’m curious to see where this goes next.

Aiden English Segment

English is backstage singing to himself “Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen” Until a strange man comes over and extends his hand to English. English is confused by this as the man wanders off and some loud noise is heard in the background and English looks on impressively. The man comes back with a steel post showing off how strong he is until he leaves. Aiden continues to look on in amazement.

Sami Zayn vs. Mr. NXT

Sami Zayn makes his way to the ring first, and I’m still not a big fan of his new entrance theme or his new entrance. I just don’t feel like it matches his character at all. Out next making his NXT debut, Mr. NXT! He makes his way to the ring, resembling former NXT Champion, Bo Dallas. The crowd chants Bo-Leave at Mr. NXT before the match officially begins. Zayn is very suspicious about his opponent, the two size each other up before locking into the collar and elbow. Mr. NXT locks the headlock on Zayn and bounces him off the ropes and takes him down with his shoulder. Mr. NXT celebrates by throwing his arms up in the air. The NXT universe begins to chant “You can’t fool us.” at Mr. NXT. Zayn gets back up and the two begin to circle each other again, this time they bounce of the ropes NXT takes Zayn down with a shoulder block, Zayn quickly back up to his feet catches Mr. NXT off guard and takes him down with numerous arm drags and than begins to taunt Mr. NXT by taunting in a similar way to Bo Dallas. Mr. NXT gets back to his feet, obviously angered at Zayn for taunting him. Mr. NXT pushes Zayn into the turnbuckle and begins to strike him into the gut. He pulls Zayn out and connects with an elbow to the side of his skull many times. He taunts to the fans and screams “I’m not Bo Dallas,” to the NXT Universe. Mr. NXT lifted Zayn up and seemed to be going for Bo Dallas’s finishing move, The Bo Dog! Zayn managed to get out of it and turned things around on Mr. NXT and got on top of his shoulders. Sami jumped off and managed to pull Mr. NXT’s mask off proving that it was Bo Dallas underneath the mask the whole time. Dallas had a shocked look on his face as Zayn tossed Bo his mask and ran out him to hit him with The Helluva Kick. Zayn covered Dallas for the pin to win.

Winner – Sami Zayn

Grade – C: I feel kind of bad giving two great superstars such a low grade, but I was just not into this match at all! It was quite obvious that Mr. NXT was Dallas the entire time and it go annoying after awhile hearing the commentators bicker back and forth about if it was or wasn’t Dallas. Zayn didn’t get to show off his high flying style and Bo never really got to beat down on Zayn. The moments where they did get to wrestler, were not long enough. I feel like we watched a match that was just lock ups. Probably the worst Sami Zayn/Bo Dallas match I’ve ever seen between these two. Luckily for them most of their bouts are much better than this one! The end segment went on for far to long! Zayn had the security come down to eject Bo from the arena and thus began the Cat and Dog chase of Bo Dallas that ended outside of Full Sail University. I don’t like how they are making Bo look like a fool anymore. This is no way to treat a a former NXT World Champion and a guy you want us to buy into on the Main Roster.

NXT Championship!

Adrian Neville (c) vs. Tyson Kidd W/Natalya

Before this match began we are shown that the security has finally managed to get Bo Dallas out of the arena. Neville makes his way to the ring first and Kidd follows alongside his wife Natalya! The announcements are made and the match is underway. The match starts off with the two staying one step ahead of each other. Tyson gained the advantage in the match, but Neville hung in there and kept himself in the match. Neville didn’t completely get back in the match until he dodged Tyson in the turnbuckle and hit Kidd with a cross body! Kidd gets back to his feet after kicking out of  the pin and runs at Neville, but The Champ tosses Kidd out of the ring. Adrian built up some speed and jumped over the ropes and hit Neville with a Corkscrew flip. Adrian tosses Kidd back into the ring and covers for a two. Neville locks in a submission hold as we go to commercial break. We come back from commercial break and Tyson is now in control as Neville is leaning on the ropes. Kidd lands a leg drop onto the back Neville’s neck. Tyson covers for a pin of only 2, Kidd continued to control the match holding Kidd down with a headlock. Neville tired to get out of it, but Tyson turned it around and covered the champ for a pin of only two again. Tyson continues on with the headlock on Neville. Adrian began to power out of the headlock and elbowed Kidd in the gut to get him off. Neville ran to the turnbuckle, Kidd ran after and looked to capture his momentum back with a Russian leg sweep of the second ropes, but Neville hung on and sent Kidd off! Neville leaps off the top turnbuckle and hits a dropkick on Kidd. Tyson pulls himself up into the turnbuckle but Neville races at him and hits him with a forearm and follows up with a suplex and arches into a pin for of two. The two lock up for a bit and Kidd gets off a kick to the gut, but Neville quickly turns it back into his favor by landing a kick right to the side of Tyson’s head. Neville follows up with a standing moonsault for a count of only two. Tyson rolled to the outside on the apron. Neville went after kid and tired to land a kick on Tyson, but he manged to block it and land his own! Tyson entered the ring and hit a running dropkick onto Neville. Adrian got hung up on the ropes and Tyson landed a front flip leg drop. Kidd covered Neville for the pin and got the three count, but Neville’s foot was on the rope before the count of three. Tyson began to celebrate until both the ref and Natalya explained to him that Neville’s foot was on the rope. Tyson tied Neville to the Tree of Woe and hit some knee strikes to his chest before landing a running dropkick on him. Tyson still questions the refs call, but drags Neville to the middle of the ring and locks in The Sharpshooter! Neville claws his way closer to the ropes as Natalya roots for his husband and Kidd screams at Neville to tap! Neville makes his way to the ropes, and when Kidd goes to pick him up, Neville rolls kid up in a small package for a two count. Kidd runs at Neville, but Adrian moves and Kidd goes chest first into the turnbuckle. The NXT Champ follows with a stiff kick right to the back of the skull of Tyson. Kidd falls to the mat and appears to be knocked out. Neville makes his way to the top rope and is looking for Red Arrow, but Tyson quickly gets up and dropkicks the ropes to send Neville flying off. Kidd now races to the top rope and sizes Neville up to hit an impressive Overhead Neck breaker and almost picks up the victory but Neville just barley kicks out at two! Tyson gets on the outside of the aprons on hits on over the ropes elbow, but once again it is only good for a two count! Kidd can’t believe it as he gets out of the ring and grabs a steel chair, but Natalya grabs the chair from him and tosses it aside telling Tyson that he is better than that. Kidd turns around and is hit by a Super kick courtesy on Neville. Adrian climbs to the top of the turnbuckle and lands Red Arrow on Tyson for the three count!

Winner & Still NXT Champion – Adrian Neville

Grade – B+: Not better than their match at Take Over, but not a bad match at all. The beginning may have been a little slow, but it picked up later on throughout the match. Kidd dominated the champ mostly tonight, but towards the end where Kidd went the grab the chair is where the most interesting part of the match happened. When Natalya pulled the chair away from Kidd, just got me think about a possible heel turn for Tyson Kidd. After the match nothing like that happened as Natalya checked on her husband and Neville celebrated his victory. I wonder where Tyson will go from here.

Superstar of the Night – Bayley!

Maybe a surprise, but a well deserved superstar of the night. Sure Neville defended his title in a great match and Zayn exposed the man behind the mask of Mr. NXT, but Bayley not only won the match for her team, but she pinned the Womens Champion. Sure The BFF’s are at odds and it would appear Charlotte and Summer are set to feud, but Bayley’s name should be thrown into a potential title match! In a match that featured 3 Main Roster Divas, The current reigning NXT Womens Champion and one of the more impressive Divas on the roster, and Bayley is the only one I can think about, you know she had a good night! Hopefully Bayley gets herself a shot at the gold, because I think she’d make a great champ!

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