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Who is Ready For Halloween? Rell the Soundbender x Bitch Be Cool’s “Diablo House”

As we reach the end of October, we start to see more sinister and Halloween inspired tracks being produced in the indie scene. Serving up to you today we have “Diablo House”, a Halloween killer track by Rell the Soundbender over on Insomniac Records. How did Rell earn his title, you ask? Well, Rell is known for bending unique sounds together and making magic…even if you couldn’t fathom how the sounds were mixed. His mixes and tracks are dynamic and flow so well that you wouldn’t even think twice. Due to this unique style, Rell has quickly gained success, even being featured numerous times on mega-producer Diplo’s mixes.

“Diablo House” is a perfect example of Rell’s music-bending style. Originally known as “Murder House”, this track incorporates Halloween elements such as deathly lasers and even a women’s blood-curdling scream. Roll in a set of ominous drum beats and an overall sinister tone and we feel like you have just made gold for a serial killer/slasher movie soundtrack. You can’t get much more Halloween than that.

Diablo House was a concept I had written a few months ago, and the sound just kind of had that creepy Halloween feel – which also happens to be my favorite time of the year.I played it for Richard one day in the car and the rest is history. We started to recraft it and brought it home. It’s a fun tune for the Halloween season. I hope you guys dig it!” – Rell the Soundbender

Be sure to give “Diablo House” a full listen below:

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