Trap & Wave Producer Don Peyote Releases New Hard Wave single “In My Head”

When you can find the right niche for your sound, you can truly find your playground to experiment and dominate. On our latest peek into the trap music world we are checking out “In My Head”, the latest drop from Don Peyote. Being an active DJ for the last few years, Peyote began producing and performing under both his real name, Don Baudin, as well as his early moniker “Debeaux”. While his focus was primarily in and around the Gulf Coast, fast forward to 2021 and his scope widened quite a bit. Now with releases on both Electric Hawk and Headbang Society, Peyote gained the support and attention of many tastemakers including Zeds Dead/Deadbeats, Liquid Stranger, the Kannibalen Records team including Black Tiger Sex Machine, Kai Wachi, and HVDES…Liquid Ritual and Brownies & Lemonade just to name a few. Peyote’s also performed sets alongside the likes of Rusko, Conrank, and Ookay, but his biggest drop was yet to come. In April 2021 Peyote wanted to showcase his journey as a producer over the previous six years, so he casually dropped 30 unreleased songs on Audius and SoundCloud!

In My Head” started as a Wave-influenced track with familiar Bass & Dance elements, but it quickly progressed as a song with sentimental value, given the circumstances. It’s about cutting out toxic relationships and growing through difficult processes, and I hope listeners feel that through the music.Don Peyote

Man, trap music is one of those subgenres that we’re kind of surprised is still sticking around, even if has taken a different form alongside bass music over the last few years. Finding its sound within the trap and wave subgenres, Peyote’s “In My Head” is an impressive banger that doesn’t hesitate to get right into your face. As the track opens, atmospheric sounds resonate and echo…setting the stage for the aggressive bass cuts to take center stage and build to the track’s apex. While the first drop takes us to wonderland, the slicing bass cuts in the second drop push us out of our atmosphere. As the curtains close, “In My Head” fades out to some killer hard wave beats, ones that we haven’t heard used in quite some time. With Peyote finding his niche and momentum within the trap and wave genres, only time will tell home much Peyote will take over in the rest of 2022.

Make sure you check out “In My Head” on Spotify below!

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