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DJ & Emcee Extraordinaire DJ Agile Drops New Captivating Album “We’re Never Done”

As a musician, there are a handful of skills required of you in order to succeed. However, if you have them all, you become a savant in the world of music. This time around we are checking out We’re Never

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Surreal Songwriter ASHS Drops Chaotic Music Video For New Pop Single “Don’t Call Me”

Part of an artist’s music journey often involves quite a bit of soul searching, and today’s artist is definitely on quite the journey. Today we are checking out ASHS and her latest single/music video “Don’t Call Me”.  Beneath the ASHS 

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The Feeling of a New Flame. BitFunk Releases “Getting Worse” Ft. Oktavian

We are going to have to start right out of the gate and applaud all artists that can fuse a solid balance of classic and modern sounds. Today we have one of those artists, who finds his home over on …

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