Olin Batista Makes Official CYB3RPVNK Debut With New Progressive Tribal Fusion "Falling"

In order to grow as a label, you need to fill your roster with varying styles and skillful artists to entice your listeners and new audiences. We here at MiR love when an artist debuts on a new label, as it gives them a chance to experiment and make another splash. This time we are visiting R3HAB’s CYB3RPVNK for the official label debut of Olin Batista and his track “Falling”. While two years may have passed since we have heard from Olin Batista, this brand new track is a welcome reminder of what we have missed.

This Brazillian artist has been in the community for a beat, and if that name rings a bell, he is the son of Brazilian supermodel Luma De Oliveira and 1990 Superboat World Championship winner Eike Batista. Olin has no problem relating to his roots, with such tracks as “Amazon 63” named after his father’s boat and “Luma” named after his mother.

Olin Batista takes his CYB3RPVNK debut and dives back into his roots where is original love for electronic music flourished. “Falling” is an interesting fusion of modern progressive bass lines with the sounds of tribal grooves and drum beats that are primed to get our blood pumping. Utilizing an instrumental melody to serve as the final layer, “Falling” is addictive and will definitely have everyone in the crowd up on their feet. As Olin starts to gain more traction from “Falling” and his official remixes, we hope to hear even more tribal-based projects.  While the track is still a bit too short to satisfy our appetite, at least we were treated to an electric tapa.

Make sure you check out “Falling” on Spotify below and on YouTube!


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