New Release from Sleepwreck “Distasterpiece” Electronic meets Alternative

Disasterpiece Album Art

We all know that EDM is ever-changing, becoming more and more unique in many ways than one. So the combination of the styles of Aphex Twin and Tool were bound to happen. The newest CD from our Canadian friend Sleepwreck takes us on a journey, but not just one. The journey is different with each track, as each one is different from the rest, quickly becoming peculiar and unique. The two major standout tracks are “Take it Apart” and the CD’s title track “Disasterpiece”. “Take it Apart” has a very realistic and primal/tribal feel to it, while at the same time is a satisfying blend of ambient/industrial and progressive rock. On the other hand, “Disasterpiece” feels like we are really in the mind of an idealistic individual.

1. Moment of Truth
2. Makes the Sugar Sweeter
3. Take It Apart
4. Disasterpiece

What can we say about the man Sleepwreck himself? Sleepwreck is the sound of cyborgs dancing around a ritual bonfire. As primal as it is forward reaching, as organic as it is technological, this Music is electronic and it is alive. Not lending itself to simple genre classification, Sleepwreck’s sound ranges from lush atmospheric textures, to hard hitting syncopated grooves, from heavy pulsing basslines to otherworldly vocal melodies.

In the studio he crafts shoe-gazing, emotional downtempo one minute and whomping tribal dance music the next. When taking to the stage he dons a war-painted alter-ego and highlights real-world instruments and voice against his phat, clean production. No matter where you hear him, at home on your headphones or putting your nearest PA system through it’s paces, Sleepwreck’s honesty, passion, and enthusiasm are intense and infectious. Having performed at festivals large and small around Western Canada alongside artists such as Phutureprimitive and Random Rab, and with his newest offering Disasterpiece set to drop with East Van Digital, Sleepwreck is an artist to watch in Western Canadian Electronica.

Be sure to also check out the music video for their track “Take it Apart”, or listen to it over on Soundcloud!

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