Intriguing Jungle Pop Band Just Like Honey Ready Themselves for 2019 With "Wild Things"

You know how much we love fusion tracks that heavily derive from where you would least expect. In this break in our work week, we have an interesting pick from Just Like Honey out of Dusseldorf called “Wild Things”. A relatively new alternative group to burst onto the scene, Just Like Honey had an impressive start in 2018, with two albums and an LP within the same year! Just Like Honey just isn’t any other alternative rock band, as they have made their own interpretation of the genre by crafting their own style of jungle pop with a modern twist. Just Like Honey excels in synchronicity, as both female vocalists Darlene Jonasson and Bianca Yang play off each other with ease while brothers Patrick and Steve Le Mar craft an organic experience to capture the listener’s attention.
“Wild Things” is a track off of their previous The Weight of the Stars album and couldn’t be a better example of Just Like Honey’s emerging style. The artful blend of both Jonasson and Yang’s vocal performance in “Wild Things” creates an illusion of happiness that is infectious and gives us a longing need for a better day. This only complimented by the Le Mar brother’s rhythmic set, even reminding us of a happier version of The Cranberries. With just a bit more time under their belts, we can see Just Like Honey’s jungle pop style dominating the alternative airwaves.
Make sure you check out “Wild Things” on YouTube below!

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