Indie Hip-Hop Artist Shockley Re-Introduces Himself to The Masses With “Nice To Meet You” Mixtape

In the current indie music landscape, if you are an artist it is prime time for you to stake out on your own path. On our latest peek into the indie world we are checking out Nice to Meet You, the debut mixtape from Shockley. Born and raised in East Tennesse, Shockley was always wired into the music world, being the son of a travelling gospel singer. This led to personal consumption of music that differed drastically from his peers, but would greatly benefit him in his own music discovery. Originally introducing himself to the professional music world as a singer/songwriter in the pop genre, Shockley has found the type of success he wanted by returning to his roots. Passion drives Shockley as a musician, who is currently developing his own production style and carving his own path in the indie world.

Nice to Meet You is just that… my introduction. This isn’t a project I’ve waited years to release. This is my way of saying hey I’m here, and I’ve got so much to show you. The songs from this mixtape stretch throughout a series of times that played a major role in my development as an artist. From songs I wrote four years ago to a song I produced just recently, these songs are my introduction to the world. I see this as a launchpad, not a place to stop and smell the roses. I’ve got so much to show you, but I had to introduce myself first. – Shockley

While the indie world is overflowing with indie-pop artists trying to burst through the glass ceiling, the hip-hop world is open and ready for talent like Shockley to take the stage. As a re-introduction of Shockley to the world as a musician, Nice To Meet You showcases more sounds from his initial discovery of stylistic music than his singer/songwriter stage. Blending elements of indie-pop, hip-hop, and just a tinge of gospel/soul, this mixtape shows the many different sides of Shockley as a passionate musician. The mixtape’s stand-out track is “Everybody Wants Me”, which highlights Shockley’s witty lyricism, love of the creative music process, and adaptation of niche sounds into a large style. There is definitely a place for Shockley in the indie hip-hop world today, we just have to see where his personal path takes him as he continues to carve it out.

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