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Follow the Protocol: Raiden & Tom Tyger’s “C’est Le Vibe”

Alright…we get it. Maybe we should just stick with the Protocol. In all seriousness, that will be the last time we make a joke with the record label name (#runningoutofideas). Anyway, serving fresh to y’all’s ear holes this Saturday we have the latest from Raiden & Tom Tyger with their newest track “C’est La Vibe”. Both performers have excelled and made waves early on in their careers, with Raiden’s massive super hit “Heart of Steel” with Bright Lights as well as Tyger being a stable on the Protocol roster for almost five years. This collaboration was bound to come and we were glad that it has finally made a full circle.

Now, “C’est La Vibe” is an honest to goodness throwback to house music back in the early aughts. The track is a guaranteed dancefloor panic, as it doesn’t only drive with its progressive beats but keeps it flowing with a bouncy groove. You don’t have to be a die-hard electronic fan to enjoy a track like this, as it appeals to old and new fans alike.  The track almost puts off a middle-eastern tonal vibe to it, and we at MiR appreciate it. Keep up the good work boys!

Make sure you give “C’est La Vibe” a full listen below:

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