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Eph’d Up Records Features New Lyric Video For Ephwurd’s “Function” Ft. Oneeva

Rounding out this weekend we have the latest from Ephwurd, who brings us “Function” from the recently formed Eph’d Up Records. This is the third release from the recently created label, marking an end for 2017. While this isn’t the first and will not certainly be the last hit from Ephwurd, we can’t wait for what they will surprise us with next. Ephwurd has been absolutely tearing it up since 2015 and continue to have a monumental 2017 with the new formation of his record label Eph’d Up Records, as well as Eph’d Up Radio and a busy North American concert tour.

When a fusion track comes across our feed, we just have to cover it. This time Ephwurd paired up with Oneeva, a popular alternative/folk band. Oneeva’s vocalist Natalie Kyoko Waters adds plenty of smooth and seductive vocal work that will indeed capture you the second you listen to it. While Ephwurd is developing a style of musical boundary removal, this push is even more out there than what we are familiar with. Can we just say that folk vocals incorporated into future house/bass music are absolutely fantastic? Keep it up Ephwurd, you crazy duo.

While we aren’t normally fans of just basic lyric videos, we have to show off the ones that actually are pretty badass. As a post-Christmas present, Ephwurd decided to push out a rather unique lyric video for their latest hit, “Function”. The video features machine work heavily, but at the same time stylizes it perfectly to fit with the track’s overall theme. There was plenty of sweat and hard work put into this video, and it definitely does show. But what is our “Function”?

Be sure to check out the video for “Function” below:

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