Bay Area Pop Star Audriix Releases New Important Self-Empowerment Single “Taking Back My Life”

While complex relationships are an inspiration for many artists, it is how you use that influence that shows your skill as an artist. On our latest peek into the indie world we are checking out “Taking Back My Life”, the latest single from Audriix. Growing up here in Northern California, Audriix knew that she was born to be a musician and impact the world. Begging for lessons to master the violin at age 2, Audriix would not be limited by the instrument and master as many as she could. She may have started writing songs at age 6, but it wasn’t until studying at Stanford that she began to produce her own material. You know, while she was earning three degrees and had mastered the piano, violin, viola, guitar, drums, and singing. Audriix dropped her first professional EP Colors back in 2015 and followed up with her first full-length album Status Change in 2019. She found success with her previous single “Deep Breaths” last year, receiving praise for her empowerment of women in her music.

“I spent 2.5 years planning a wedding that was originally scheduled for July 20 (the day of the song release). ‘Taking Back My Life’ is my way of healing while coming out of a toxic situation where I felt like I had lost everything. The artwork is me burning the hope of the life I was planning to have and refusing to let it break me or define me. Part of taking back my life is taking back this day.” – Audriix

The more we cover an artist at Modern Neon, they quickly become synonymous with one of their ideas. Self-love + female empowerment is what we come to expect from Audriix, and this latest single might be her strongest banger yet. The newest track, “Taking Back My Life”, is a powerful and emotional electropop number that details Audriix’s process of accepting that the relationship with her fiance was not meant to last and she was ready to make her life her own once again. Instead of going the raw and unveiling pop ballad route, “Taking Back My Life” is optimistic, captivating, and insanely danceable. We have no doubt that the track will infect dancefloors around the country, and Audriix is simply an electropop superstar in the making. We are glad she took back her life and can’t wait to hear more music from the Audriix camp very soon!


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