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Anime Club: Redline



CREATED BY: Takeshi Koike


GENRE: Science fiction, Auto racing

YEAR: 2009


In the future, on the planet Dorothy, a world dominated by canine humanoids, duck’s ass-hairstyle wearing “Sweet” JP races in the planet’s Yellowline car race, a final elimination race despite two interplanetary wars to the most popular race in the galaxy, the Redline. The crowd is watching the race on an outdoor giant monitor screen in the desert town of the Water Stop. His 522115mechanic, Joshua “Frisbee” Flathead, is watching the televised race with a mafia boss. The gambling boss is concerned that JP might attempt to win the fixed race but Frisbee reassures him that JP needs bail bond funds from the pay­off. JP attempts to win anyway while Frisbee resorts to using a remote detonator transmitter hidden in the palm of his hand which the mob boss doesn’t notice, causing JP’s TransAM20000 to explode and making the ‘Crab Sonoshee Sea’ hovercraft piloted by female racer Sonoshee “Cherry Boy Hunter” McLaren the winner.

Are you looking for a fun racing anime other than Inital D? You can definitely find that with Redline. Essentially their anime version of Death Race, Redline’s races are an absolute blast to watch. There is plenty of chaos, explosions, and death that fill the races, causing plenty of carnage around every corner. While there is a lukewarm military and mafia story that somehow wormed its way into Redline, I definitely just recommend watching the races.

Beyond that, there isn’t much hiding underneath. One thing that Redline completely bombs is personality and dialogue, mainly the English dub, in all 522330of the characters beyond the main cast. They…just don’t work. It is pretty hilarious and embarrassing at the same time. On top of this, the dialogue is laughable at best. At one point, our female protagonist gets in a dogfight during a race and strikes back, calling them a bunch of “cocksuckers”. While it actually does fit the tone and world that Redline has created, it was just out of left field. Oh, like I said before, just watch the race itself. The setup is mainly a waste of time.


• Epic racing.

• Plenty of chaos and destruction.

• JP’s hair!


• Laughable dialogue.

• Poor English dub.

• Secondary character personalities.

• Military story.

SCORE: 5.5 / 10

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