Alt-Pop Singer Ravive Peels Back More Anxious Layers In New Synth Pop “Las Vegas Makes Me Sick”

We have a friendly relationship with Las Vegas, so anytime we see a single that mentions the city in the title, we have to push play. It’s an impulse at this point. On our latest peek into the alternative world we are checking out “Las Vegas Makes Me Sick”, the latest single from Ravive. Originally finding her foothold in the alternative music world as a lead singer of an alt rock band, after many years she has broken free and stepped out on her own, writing her new story as Ravive. An embodiment of Diet Dr. Pepper and plenty of therapy, Ravive burst onto the scene with her debut single “Sahara”…reintroducing the alternative music scene to her new sonic sound. While her new career as Ravive is still in its infancy, she is ready to keep the momentum rolling from her previous singles with this Las Vegas Introspective.

We truly enjoy checking out singles from an artist this early on in her career, as this is where you are able to easily pull back the layers and,  see the foundation of what influences her sound. With “Las Vegas Makes Me Sick” being Ravive’s fourth addition to her discography, her personal attachment to her music and her methods of showcasing her insecurities through her sound have become mainstays in her style. Oddly hypnotizing yet polished, this single cause us to yearn for more from Ravive and to learn more about this anxious singer fueled by Diet Dr. Pepper and extensive therapy. As today’s alternative scene continues to blossom and grow, we hope to see Ravive fully develop and blossom into the artist that she aims to be while completely dominating 2022.

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