Actress Turned Musician, Ginesse Drops Debut Indie Pop EP “Somewhere to Die”

There is always a point where you create essentially a character public version of your self that you are born to play.  As we dig around in our inbox for more indie drops we were able to check out Somewhere to Die, the latest EP drop from Ginesse. Formed as a unique musical project from actress Cait Fairbanks, Ginesse is the result of a brilliant actor playing the role of a musician along with music that speaks to the soul. While Ginesse is making her own waves, Cait Fairbanks has already made her own splash in the acting world. From an Emmy-nominated role on the Young and the Restless to her performance as Veronica on Heather: The Musical, the brains behind Ginesse easily proves she has the necessary chops. While Ginesse was only founded back in 2018, the project already has the attention of PAPER, NYLON, and Billboard.

“LA can be a lonely place. The ‘Somewhere To Die’ EP is about the people who have stuck around though it all and helped changed the point of view of my life experiences. These people saved my life and made my music possible. For that, I am forever grateful. Truth is though, this is just one chapter of my life. This is the start and I can’t wait to see what happens.” – Ginesse

Even if you have an addictive sound and fit all of the popular tropes, unless you reach into a deeper level you will be cast to the side eventually. While this rule of thumb is more recognized this year than any other, more and more artists like Ginesse are taking advantage of their medium. Ginesse  takes a big swing with her debut Somewhere to Die EP, enticing willing listeners on a lucid indie-pop adventure in order to explore the feelings one receives from major milestones in their life. Briefly touching on each moment with an intimate brush, listeners learn even more about Ginesse through each of these five unreleased tracks. While Ginesse may make a solid debut, what is next for the actress turned musician? We will have to wait and see.

“I want my music to make people feel like the whole world is wrapping around them, If I give someone an emotional picture of a specific moment, that is truly special.” – Ginesse 

Make sure you check out Somewhere to Die on Spotify below and on Apple Music!

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Photo Credit: Elizabeth Miranda
Photo Credit: Elizabeth Miranda

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