Limitless: Brian vs Mora

Heyo all of you Mirlanders! Now that the Limitless tv show has finally wrapped up, scroll down to check out the full review!



CREATED BY: Craig Sweeney

STARRING: Jake McDorman, Jennifer Carpenter, Hill Harper, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio

NO. OF EPISODES: 22 Episodes

GENRE: Science fiction, Comedy Drama

YEAR: September 22, 2015 – April 26, 2016

COUNTRY: United States

ELL128BTS_650812_640x360Brian Finch (McDorman), a 28-year-old burnout and struggling musician, is introduced to NZT-48, a miracle drug that gives him access to every neuron in his brain. For twelve hours after taking the pill, he becomes the smartest person in the world, able to perfectly recall every detail of his life and capable of prodigious leaps of intuition and reasoning. With the mysterious U.S. Senator Eddie Morra (Cooper) providing him with an immunity shot to counteract NZT’s deadly side effects, Brian uses his enhanced abilities to help FBI agent Rebecca Harris (Carpenter). The problem is the FBI doesn’t know about the shot and Brian has to keep both worlds separate.

Heya NXT, we are back for another dose. The TV companion series to the cult hit Limitless, the series has had plenty of bumps during its first season run. However, what the series does right is have a fantastic and modern blend of comedy and drama that isn’t found in this era of TV too often anymore. A particular scene that stands out is when Brian is learning to hack, he doesn’t want the audience to know/see his antics so he has them watch cat vines while he narrates. Some may call it stupid, but for this kind of show it’s damn genius. Behind the mechanics of the show lies a strong core cast of characters that continuously give it their all. While some of the case of the week characters have been lacking, Brian and company sure as hell make up for it.

3276D5D900000578-0-image-a-12_1458682031062My biggest issue with this version of Limitless is their usage of Bradley Cooper’s character from the original film Edward Mora. While I know since he is a big star and all now and he doesn’t have time to appear on TV shows, I feel like he should have been more active of a character in the series. Don’t get me wrong, the fact they acknowledged him and me him the over-arching, behind-the- scenes antagonist of the season, they could have done so much more with him. The episodes in which he was featured were by far the standouts of the season, so why not use him more?


  • Solid companion series.
  • Modern blend of comedy drama.
  • Strong core cast of characters.


  • Some case of the week characters are lacking.
  • Not enough Bradley Cooper.

SCORE: 9.0 / 10

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