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We Need to be Complacent, Snails & Adventure Club Release "Follow Me" Ft. Sara Diamon

We are starting even earlier this week. If you want more content than just three days a week, leave a comment down below! While we take a break from our daily working struggles for a hot minute, we have “Follow Me”. the latest collaboration between Snails and Adventure Club over on Snails’ Slugz Music label. Snails is clearly a performer that has no limits, as he has been able to garner support from powerhouses such as Diplo and Skrillex for his continuously developing “vomit-step” style. While Snails has been busy trying to find a home for his style, even jumping over to Dim Mak and Monstercat, Snails was quietly launching Slugz with a bang. Why struggle while looking for a home and not create one yourself.
Just when we thought that Snails would take a back seat just for a mere moment, he hit the gas as hard as he could. “Follow Me” is the second single from his upcoming Slimeaggedon EP, which gives listeners a sweet taste of melody and heavy bass music. The track features the crystalline vocal work of Sara Diamond, who maintains the melody against the producers’ ever-intensifying bass lines. As soon as you step out of that safe zone, Snails & Adventure Club will slam your head first against the nearest wall with their signature gut-wrenching beat. We have no doubt that “Follow Me” will be an absolute force with audiences in our headphones and on the dancefloor.
If you still want to check out Snails in the flesh, you can catch the rest of The Shell 2.0 tour here:
12/08 – St Paul, MN – The Myth
12/14 – Dallas, TX – South Side Ballroom
12/15 – San Marcos, TX – The Marc
Make sure you check out “Follow Me” on Spotify below!

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