Valentino Khan Drops New “Pony” Eliminate Remix, Second Tease For Upcoming Remix EP

Fine, we feel like we have covered this song enough that we might as well learn to finally saddle up.  Taking a quick beat over at Mad Decent, we were able to check out Eliminate’s newest remix of Valentino Khan’s “Pony”. Bursting onto the scene in 2014, Khan received almost immediate success with his first “In Khan We Trust” EP after being released on Skrillex’s OWSLA label. Khan quickly entranced listeners with his blend of hardstyle, trap, and heavy house that even led to his original track “Deep Down Low” being one of the most played track in 2015. While four years have passed, Khan has easily honed his skills as a remix master and we can’t see what he does next.

The more and more we hear from this upcoming EP, we are starting to give a new appreciation for Valentino Khan’s original work. While he may have hooked us with his remixes back in the day, his original tracks have kept us around. Now with a new producer at the helm, we are able to see just how drastically a track like “Pony” can be manipulated and molded. Taking a more trap-inspired approach, Eliminate complete overlays the original track with machine-like beats and a mechanical bass line that drives the entire track forward into the trap dungeon. Khan’s original track borders on a light grime, while Eliminate crafts his remix to transport into the future. Does Eliminate’s remix pass Kahn’s original terrestrial pony ride? Tell us  what you think?

Make sure you check out Eliminate’s “Pony” (Remix) on Spotify below and on Soundcloud!

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